September 19th, 2023

Roaring applause for Marit Stiles’ NDP at the municipalities’ conference

The Ontario NDP turned heads and perked up ears at one of the most important local government gatherings of the year.

Your Leader of the Official Opposition Marit Stiles stole the show at the annual Association of Municipalities conference and met with 26 delegations. It’s a yearly event for mayors, reeves, city councillors and staff to come together in one place with provincial representatives and stakeholders to find collaborative solutions to the problems facing Ontarians.

Marit’s address focused on returning accountability, transparency and integrity to government. The Ontario NDP believes these are the very basic values that should exist in a democracy and these values have been the first to go in Doug Ford’s Ontario. She spoke about real affordable housing solutions like rent control, inclusionary zoning and building complete communities with access to transit and libraries. Let’s not forget that if Doug Ford cared about housing and affordability, he could bring back rent control today and he’s choosing not to.

Your Leader of the Ontario NDP cares and that’s why she’s fighting so hard for accountability in the wake of the Greenbelt scandal.