October 21st, 2021

MPP West demands road test centres for Sudbury, Northern Ontario

QUEEN'S PARK - After Doug Ford once again left out Northern Ontario from temporary road test centres, MPP Jamie West demanded that Ford open them in Northern Ontario, including one in Sudbury.

“Doug Ford and his Conservative government once again left Northerners stranded in a drive test backlog,” said West. “Leaving out Northerners from taking their driving tests means they can’t go to work, it means lost wages, lost appointments, and lost opportunities.

“None of the nine temporary road test centres announced by the government are located in Northern Ontario.

“Will the premier commit to opening additional temporary road test centres in Northern Ontario – including one in my riding of Sudbury so Northerners can get on the road and on with their lives?”

As of end of July, Ontario has a backlog of more than 700,000 Driving Tests. Since August, the Minister of Transportation has announced additional temporary road test centres in nine locations, none of them in Northern Ontario.

West told the legislature that people in Sudbury are having to wait a year to get their driving test.

“Rick is a constituent of mine. His daughter relies on driving to get to university and to work. However, Rick told me she can’t make an appointment for her G-test until December 31st, 2022,” said West.

The Ford Conservatives have left out Northerners from two temporary road test plans, one in the summer and one this fall.

“Doug Ford is disregarding the needs of Northerners who lack the public transportation options of their southern neighbours,” said West. “The North is where we use highways to get to work, not subways because we have none. Wait times for drive tests are especially devastating in Northern Ontario. People in the North don’t have the choice of a train, subway or bus to take them to work or school.

“I am calling on Doug Ford to open temporary road test centres in Northern Ontario – including one in Sudbury. People here have waited long enough.”